Thursday, October 27, 2016

Taoist text and understanding of early Chinese history

Taoist text could help deepen our understanding of early Chinese history because it help us learn there history more in dept, it lets us know more about there culture. Taoism is also known as "daojio" is a religion,that was based on celestial masters. it was important because it was another thing the Chinese were used to; confucianism. The only people that believe in Taoism these days Per Taoist priest, temples were run by committees, they used priest for certain ceremonies. The Taoist religion left behind no evidence of physical objects. This made historians look for history in the dynasty's, to learn Learn about the religion and traditions of Taoism. Taoism is a mix of religion and philosophy. Taoism helps us understand how ancient Chinese history was. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is our Reality Real?

In the article I just read it talked about if our how life is a simulation and if we are living in a simulator. I think that this could be true because they have supporting evidence and there is a 50-50 chance that this is actually happening right now. I wonder if when we die the simulator ends and we wake up somewhere else. The argument in this story is, is this all real or is it just a crazy hypothesis.
The main question here is our world real. I'm not sure because I feel real but after reading this article it messed with my mind also scientist researched this. It says that chimpanzees were almost as smart as us and they might of been able to create technology so high tech that we humans would not be able to tell the difference between (VR) virtually reality , and reality, as we make our advances in technology maybe one day we will make a world that people in the simulators would not be able to tell the difference from VR and reality.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Similarities and differences of Holocaust survivors children to Job

The similarities from this story about the Holacaust and The Book of Job is the Holocaust story talks about how God was killing all the Jews and the people that believed in the Jewish religion stoped believing in God because they thought that of there was a God he would not be punishing his people in this way. In the book of Job God took everything away from him to see if Job would stay loyal to him, Job was poor, his whole family died and he was wondering why God was punishing him just like the people that were in the holocaust were wondering. The differences between these two stories is that in the Book of Job God comes down and yells at job for questioning why God is doing all of these bad things to him. This did not happen in the holacaust, also many of the Jewish people stoped believing in god because they thought if there really was a God then why was he punishing the people in the Jewish religion that were always loyal to him and never hurt anybody, or why didn't God stop Hitler from killing a lot of innocent Jews. These are the similarities and differences between the Holocaust and The Book of Job.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book of Job and Old Testament similarities

The book of job is about a man who is living a very good life, job believes in God but is also scared of him. Job turned away from evil such as the devel Satan. Some simlarities between the book of job and the Old Testament are they both have people that believe in God. In both stories there is a good beginning in the book of job, Job is living a good life wife a good family and then Satan the devil says to God the only reason Job is faithful to you is because you give him a good life, Satan Says if you take all that away from him he will not believe in you anymore God thought that this was not true, so they made a bet to see who was right. In the Old Testament God is constantly checking in on the humans to see if they still believe in him, if they don't God would figure out a way to punish them such as a flood, which doesn't relate to the book of Job. The story in the Old Testament that is the most similar to the Book of Job is the story of Abraham. God tests Abraham to see how much he trust and believes in God. God asks Abraham to kill his only, 17 year old son, Abraham trust God and was going to kill his son, but an angel came out of the sky and stoped Abraham. The similarity between the two story's is God is testing both faithful humans to see how much they believe in him.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Best and worst of high school

This is my freshman year of high school, there have been some up and downs through out the school year so far. The best thing of high school so far is the freedom that we get, in middle school also I like that we could go out and get pizza for lunch. Overall this year is a lot better than middle school. The worst thing about high school is the work, in middle school the work was much easier. All of my teachers are all good at teaching and they are all nice. Even though the work is hard I still like high school a lot more than middle school. I like that we have iPads to do our work on it is easy to stay organized. Last year I wasn't that good at organizing but the iPads help me with this. The high school is very big so on the first week of school i would get lost and all of my classes are so far apart that it takes the whole break in between periods to get to class to class

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Genesis reflection

   In this story I think that god was wrong of doing this. I think this because he could of resolved this another way, instead he made a very violent way of resolving this. The humans were acting up and creating many problems on earth. The way God thought the best way to solve this problem was to flood the earth and kill every Land creature. God called upon Noah and asked him to build an ark and  to take two of each species that lived on the land, male and female. God still wanted there to be living creatures on the land but he wanted to start over because of all of the bad things happening on earth. When Noah sent the dove out it meant that god wanted Noah his family and all of the creatures to start the new generation, and have no more cruelty on the earth. This showed that god is forgiven but when god gets angry it does not end well.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Genesis 2-3

In this story I would blame Eve because, even though the serpent said that God doesn't want you to eating the apple because he doesn't want you to be as powerful as him, doesn't mean that it is true. Eve knew what was right and what was wrong and eating the apple was wrong. God specifically told Eve not to eat the apple from that tree, she did anyways and got punished for it. Since Eve did this God punished every animal and Adam and Eve. If I was Eves position I would not have eaten the apple, she knew there were consequences to her actions. The serpent persuaded Eve to eat the apple. It was also wrong of God for putting the apple there, it was practically bait for her to take. Adam was wrong also since he took some of the apple that Eve has taken from the tree in the middle of the garden of Eden. So in chapter two and three everyone did something wrong but the person who did the worst thing was Eve.